ECU Flash for 2006-2007 Yamaha R6

- Remove Ycc-t Throttle Restrictions
- Increase Ignition Timing
- Adjust Idle Speed, FIX IDLE BOUNCE!
- Reduce Engine Braking (great for track!)
- Adjust Fuel Map Bias
- Tweak High Load Fuel Maps (with PC3 and PC5 map importing)
- Lean out Low Load (cruising) Fuel Maps for better fuel economy
- Alter Fuel Injector Proportioning
- Disable NON-US Bike Immobilizer Function
- Adjust Cooling Fan Temps
- Increase Rev-Limiter RPM
- Enable ECU Based Quick-shifter!

Purchase options:

Option 1: $100 - Mail-In ECU Flash Service
Fill out the flash options below, click on the "buy now" button to be taken to PayPal for payment. Your PayPal receipt will contain the address of where you need to ship your ECU to (Whitby, Ontario, Canada). Upon receipt of your ECU it will be flashed and shipped back to you within 48 hours! SUPER FAST TURN AROUND SERVICE!!!

Please print out the PayPal receipt and send it along with your ECU. If that's not possible, please write on a piece of paper your name, address, phone number and e-mail address and include it when you send your ECU.

Option 2: $280 (includes $180 refunadable ECU deposit) - Advance Pre-Flashed ECU shipped directly to you
Fill out the flash options below, click on the "buy now" button to be taken to PayPal for payment. Upon receipt of your payment I will custom flash an ECU for your year bike, with the options you select, and mail it out to you IMMEDIATELY!

When you receive the custom flashed ECU simply swap it with your stock ECU (super simple, remove rider seat, undo two mount clips, unclip two main harness connectors and pull out, remove stock ECU, drop in custom flashed one, and reverse steps). Take the bike for a rip, make sure you're 100% completely satisfied! If you're happy with the flashed ECU simply stick your stock ECU in the box the flashed one came in, stick the freight pre-paid label that came in the box over top of the original shipping label, and drop it off at your closest post office! When I receive your ECU and verify it's in good condition and working order I will refund you the $180 deposit!! If you're not completely happy with the flashed ECU, simply stick it back in the box it came in, take the freight pre-paid label out of the box and stick it over the original shipping label and drop it off at your closest post office. Once I receive the ECU back and verify it's in the same condition and working order as originally shipped, I will refund your ENTIRE purchase price (minus $20 for shipping).

You won't find a better deal anywhere! Try out the flash, see how you like it, without touching ANYTHING on your bike!! If you don't like it, the most it'll cost ya is $20!

Due to a limited supply of ECU's you MUST ship your stock ECU (or the custom flashed one) back to me no later than 5 days from the date you receive the custom flashed ECU. If this doesn't happen I keep your $180 deposit and use it to buy new ECU's :(